Form Plugin on Your Site Needs to Be Replaced!

greg-avatarNovember 7, 2017


Sorry for the IMPORTANT mass email, but this DOES affect your site. Please read on.

formThe ‘contact form’ plugin on your site has been compromised and needs to be deleted and replaced with another. This affects millions of active users as the plugin has been deleted from the WordPress repository and will no longer be updated.

Eventually, this means the plugin will stop functioning. Immediately, this means the form poses a security risk to your site.

This plugin NEEDS to be replaced as soon as possible!

Option #1 – Replace and reconfigure yourself – FREE

If you administer your own site and/or have someone to update your content and plugins regularly, search ‘add new plugin’ and choose another form plugin to install, re-configure and setup all of your form fields and settings on new form plugin. There are currently over 1600 form plugins available in the repository.

Option #2 – Have me do it for you – $45 per site

If you don’t have someone to help you with this, I can do this for you for a $45 fee. The time involves finding a comparable form to what you are using now. I’ll need to install and configure new plugin, then manually redo all of your form fields and settings to the new form plugin.

If you want to read the actual forum thread that explains ‘what happened’ you can read the 3 page thread from

If you do nothing, the plugin may work for a while, but the immediate risk is the security hole because of the compromise. The recommendation from is to ‘replace as soon as possible’.

Thank you for your time.