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  • 75% of web users admit making judgments about the credibility of an organization based on the design of its web site. (Fogg, B.J. Standford Guidelines for Web Credibility)
  • 68% of US online shoppers agree that they will distrust a site that has an unprofessional appearance (eMarketer)

Customers judge your site (and overall business) in less than one second, quickly absorbing its aesthetic to decide if they want to stay on your page. This means that your homepage is absolutely critical to engaging a customer.

So… How Much Does Web Design Cost?

One of the first questions potential customers always ask me is, “how much does it cost to design a website?” Depends. What kind of site? Brochure? Catalog? Corporate? Database driven? I can do budget sites and I can do the high end jobs as well.

Some web designers charge a flat rate as low as $50 per page, although most US designers will charge $100 – $200 per page. This pricing is usually for basic static brochure web sites that don’t require a lot of custom features. A “brochure” site simply means a website that serves general information about your company products and services. These days, it’s essential for a company to have an on-line presence as well as a basic corporate brochure site.  These web sites can ‘start’ for as ‘little’ as $2,000.

E-commerce websites can range from very simple to very complex. There are quite a few things that goes into a good e-commerce site. These web sites usually start around $5,000 and can go as high as $250,000 depending on the complexity.

I can build you a $99 to $599 budget site  today, or I can design your website, create original graphics and content for it, optimize it for search engines, maintain it with updates and upgrades, and promote it all over the internet and social media, while you do nothing except run your business.

What are you looking to do? Every site is different so it’s hard to give out a ‘blanket’ price quote. A good percentage of my designs run in the $600 – $1200 range. Let’s see what you’re thinking about for a site and Request a FREE Design Quote.


$99 Business Web Designs |  $399 5pg ALL in ONE Package | All in One Web Design SEO $599
Ecommerce Web Designs From $699 | Radio Station Websites Designs $799

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PLEASE NOTE: While consultation and design process  can be done ENTIRELY through text and email, though this may slow down the completion of your site due to waiting on response times, getting questions answered, etc.  After the initial consultation and agreement is made, every effort is made to complete your site in the quoted time frame. However, slow response times and days of back and forth emails can drag the process out longer than necessary.

If you have any questions about the process, please ASK for FREE Consultation! Call 804.405.0459

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