Visualize Your Web Design. SEE IT!

Whenever I’ve designed web sites for clients, the first question I’ve asked is…

“What are you trying to accomplish?’

I suggest looking around the internet and choosing about 3 to 5 web designs that you like. You may like the navigation of one site, the general layout of another, the Flash banner of another, the colorful graphics, the forms, etc. Doing this gives us a more clear picture of what you want.

Basically, if you follow these 4 steps, the better your web design will be. Let’s have some fun!

1. Vision

Outline what you want – be as clear as you can – surf web designs for ideas

2. Budget

How much do you want to spend? Stay within your means for your web design.

3. Get It Together

Gather any documents, pictures, graphics, text, etc, that you want included in your design. We’ll organize together or just give it to me to organize.

4. Communicate

Talk to me. What are you thinking for your design? Make sure I know your ideas.

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